Louisburgh Table Quiz and a Bitta Craic, Saturday, February 27, 8pm, Round 1

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1. You can register a team of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. 

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7. You will need reasonably good broadband, and a reliable device (tablet, laptop, smartphone, desktop), to be sure of joining your team-mates at your table. However, even if you can't get to the table, you can still take part in the quiz and contribute to your team's score. In effect, each team member participates in the quiz and the team's final score is calculated by adding their individual scores together and dividing by the numbers of players on the team who complete the quiz. Our User's Guide explains more - but you don't have to read that now if you don't wish, all shall unfold as you go through the process. Two devices are a good idea for each person - one for The Venue, one for the Quiz. 

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